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Infromation Technology

We have the best IT services in Lesotho

Business Development

We develop businesses in Lesotho and assist in fundraising for Projects

Laboratory Testing & Analysis

Clinical testing of sepecimen, water, soil and molecular analysis

Funding & fundraising

Provides  financial business plan and deep analysis. This enables to advice you on the best model to fund your business. PbmConsultancy has a lot of funder relationship globally enough to assist your business to grow and be funded in a best way as possible. Visit us and start to develop you business today

Business and Development

Provide business Strategy, Implementation Support and Value Engineering Services to Entrepreneurs for enterprise growth
-Partners with Entrepreneurs for creation of Valuable Enterprises
-Expertise in deal structuring, turnaround strategies and related advisory services .

Information Technology

PbmC team of experts are on hand to provide the support you need when you need it. CIS engineers have a range of skills throughout the team ensuring there is always someone who can resolve your issu:
-From comprehensive IT audits
-Troubleshooting to IT , IT training and additional support
-Website Development & Hosting n
-System development and computing
-Data analytics and Bioinformatics.

Laboratory Testing & Analysis

PbmC has a team of technicians who develop fantastic EIA for projects in Lesotho and Globally.Water testing , soil and plant pathology are tested at PbmC mini laboratory.Genemomic. Currenlty the PbmC uses the Ncbi and known genomic sequencing to analyse genomic sequences for the crop and seeds of intrest. Later there will be gene editing for better crops. .

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