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"What We Do"

We offer professional services in financial management and advice. A team of experts is available at PbmConsultancy to help you. Contact Us today

At PbmConsultancy, there is a set of health and Environment experts you can contact for health & envionmrntal surveys, Environmental Impact Asseesment (EIA) , technical testing (Water) and so on

Project Managemnt is our game, We prepare and analyse bussiness Plans for you. We work hand in hand with a set of teams of Investors who may support your Projects. We specialise in Information technology. We build systems and websites profssionally

Project Management

Phokas Business Management Consultancy has in no time established itself as a professional project management and a training institution in the provision of business skills training programmes that are aligned...

Financial Advice & Management

These services forms an integral part of the entire training path as it provides a platform during which to evaluate the impact of the programme on an individual and group basis.....

Information Technology & Technical analysis

Phokas Business Management Consultancy has professionalS who develop IT systems, Websites and databases. We analyse water and various specimen.... 


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